FORWARD – Food Recovery and Waste Reduction – is a two-years transnational project co-funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. Its main aim is the reduction of food waste and the promotion of unsold food recollection in favour of charities, thanks to training and use of ICT resources. The main outcome is an innovative platform hosting the three main results of the project:

  • A free online training course for food supplier and charities focused on the reduction of food waste and methods to recovery and redistribute it.
  • An educational game simulating the process of recovery of food  waste and the relationship between food suppliers and charities
  • A user-friendly brokering platform to allow the natural matching of demand and supply of food waste. Any user, all over the world, can search or publish a donation announcement and find a counterpart, so to favour the creation of contacts and networks between food producers/sellers and organisations able to organise the recovery, such as Food Banks and other Charities.