Russia having declared embargo on goods from European Union countries, the
Lithuanian market will, as a result, be flooded by those food stuffs: dairy and meat products, fruits and vegetables. Some of these discounted products will be laid down in store shelves, but not the bulk of it (which will most probably be turned into mash, compost or simply disposed).

The Lithuanian Food Bank has forwarded a request to many food industry partakers asking to hand over the unsold food leftover to charity. As Lithuanians with least income often cannot afford quality dairy, meat and green-grocery produce, therefore, the initiative is constituted of high value.

Despite the NGOs being concerned with the negative social and economic consequences of
Russia‘s public gesture, we would like to consider the positive sides of the embargo – seeing this an opportunity to better take care of the least prospering“, the written-request states.

Yogurt that was ment to go to Russia, goes to the poor of Lithuania: