FORWARD project results have been pilot tested in 8 countries: Italy, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

A total of 231 organisations participated in the training and testing activities (120 food suppliers and 121 charities).

The results were positive: the first impression on the brokering platform was very good for 85% of respondents and 93% thinks that this programme delivers new and innovative materials.

As a general opinion about FORWARD platform both Charities (Ch) and food suppliers (FS) have very good opinion of using e-platform to reduce food waste (FS-79%, Ch- 81%).

81% of respondents (FS) and 72% (Ch) have opinion, that content is relevant to their work duties. Both food suppliers (91%) and charities (96%) would recommend this course to other people.

More than half 60% of FS and 53% Ch responders have opinion, that game meet their expectations.

E-learning courses were appreciated and most respondents would recommend them to others as they are informative, interesting and can be taken free of charge.

Check-out the report on Analysis of pilot test results here!