The supermarket chain „Maxima“ is starting the supply of food products to the Food Bank in Lithuania. Today the Bank has welcomed the first batch of vegetables and fruit: around three tons of melions, apricots and apples (which will continually be supplemented by more and other green-groceries in future). According to Tomas Markevicius, the supermarket‘s purchasing director: „We apply high standards for both, the quality and the external appeal, of fruits and vegetables to our customers, therefore, not all the received products find their place in our stores‘ shelves. Yet, the stuffs that might outwardly not look appealing, they may still be nutrient and fit for consumption, and we decided to hand them over to the Food Bank, so that they may reach those who probably are unable to so benefit daily.“ While the World Health Organization advices a daily portion of at least 400-600 grams of green-groceries, this is only available to a third of the Lithuanian population. The Food Bank‘s representatives are extremely thankful to be able to receive „Maxima‘s“ donations three times a week.  https://www.facebook.com/maistobankas